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EXG - The Next Generation Digital Asset

Round 2

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Exchain Global Token

Exchain Global Token (hereinafter referred to as EXG) is issued based on the ETH network, and available in Trust Wallet.

EXG supports the operation of the entire Exchain ecosystem and is the bridge for Exchain platform to connect to all its customers.

Values of EXG

  • Transaction fee discount
  • Buy Back and Burning
  • Contract Trading Collateral
  • IEO Participation
  • Service Asset Guarantee
  • Voting for Token Listing
  • Project Launch Airdrop
  • Incentives Campaign
Value EXG

EXG Token Recycling

  • Redemption
    Redemption of tokens

    Exchain's monthly revenue will be used to repurchase the token and conduct the burning process.

  • Payment
    Payment for exchange services

    The opportunity for traders to pay commission in a EXG Token with an excellent discount, and coins paid in this way will be removed from circulation.

  • Payment
    Payment of other services of the exchange

    We will constantly offer unique conditions for payment of various services and fees on the exchange when using EXG Token.

EXG Allocation


EXG - available in Exchain Trade with no locking time

BUY NOW to get upto 10,000 EXG bonus

Buy Now

Distribution plan

Minimum purchase is 1000 EXG. Get a bonus from 100 EXG to 10,000 EXG on token purchasing

Round 1

Token sale: 5M

1EXG = US $0.05

Time: From July 18, 2020

Note: Any unsold tokens will be burned.

Round 2

Token sale: 6M

1EXG = US $0.1

Time: From July 25, 2020

Note: Any unsold tokens will be burned.

Round 3

Token sale: 7M

1EXG = US $0.15

Time: From August 25, 2020

Note: Any unsold tokens will be burned.

Bonus Rewards

Token release

There is no locking time for the purchased tokens. Users are able to buy & sell EXG on Exchain Trade platform while the IEO is still in progress.

However, the purchased tokens will be released at a rate of 0.5% out of total purchased amount per day within 200 days, starting after 24H since the event of successful purchase.

But if users decide to withdraw their all released tokens at a certain moment of time, the remaining time of the rest would be erased and counted from beginning, ie 200 days.


Exchain Share

Refer friends and earn commissions from their token purchasing. The benefit is paid in USDT